116. (new) bitchin kitchen blues

Closed my kitchen door…
we aint on speakin terms no more.
what a waste o hot water…
where’s my wench when i call her?!
“woman, come n do the dishes”…
she always does as she pleases.
she gone long ago… she gone long ago…
and so i’m keepin my kitchen door closed.
but i gotta cook our dinner…
bitchin kitchen knows she’s a winner.
ye my kitchen is a woman…
always demandin of me.
always demandin of me…
Always demandin of me!
me an my daughter…
we fix the kitchen like i aughta.

this maybe read in the style of Junior Kimbrough Done Got Old

2 thoughts on “116. (new) bitchin kitchen blues”

    1. thank you, ye it’s almost a departure from my more eclectic ways but have been meaning to ‘write the blues’ for a while.
      have realised there is a heavy difference between writing and singing the blues, so tried to make it more pronounced i guess.
      thanks again for the viewing and comment 🙂

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