118 (new) struggling to see the sense of it all

i wanna write ryhmes…
lines after lines…
rack ’em up like cocaine
that’s been drained from my veins.
write about love or lust…
pain or drugs…
of God and the lies
that surround emotional bribes.
i’ve been struggling for days.
“wanna read a book?” they say.
“come to church and pray.”
“Sunday School is cool.”
“learn how to fear that salvation is near.”
“get ready for Love from Him who is above.”
“too young to understand? let me give you a hand.”
“Colour in this comic, fill in the missing words,”
“Satan wants the universe.”
Can’t they see that God alone is?
“I am He who exists”

originally writing one word at a time, struggling to find rhymes, i remember a pamphlet i read round a friends house whose kids go to sunday school.
Watchtower (for kids)
it used the bible to scare children into love of God.
i am disgusted.
on the back is a selection of quotes, coloured in by random children, this one by Tom aged six, that one by Sally aged nine.
the top row all feature famous quotes that start with ‘Fear Ye’
Lucky for Watchtower, the parents can’t read, but i can. i should have took a picture. hopefully they haven’t thrown their childrens pamphlets away so that i Can get the photo.
my daughter asked if she can go sunday school with her friend but anyone who propagates Godliness with fear is on a losing battle with me.
In my opinion, God is Love, and love can not be bought with fear!
If someone believes in the beauty of God, they should not use fear to persuade children.
on the same subject, why christen a child, all children are innocent, i’m sure i read Jesus say so in my own home bible. (i’m not a christian but i love reading)
yes original sin may be argued but didn’t Jesus say that children are innocent?
if they die innocent then they will go to heaven. God doesn’t need a list of names. He is all-knowing.
I’m fed up with seeing children being used as pawns in this material fight over spiritual souls.

3 thoughts on “118 (new) struggling to see the sense of it all”

  1. Fantastic! I do not believe in ruling with fear. My son has grown up knowing he is loved and does not live his life in fear. My friend, on the other hand, was threatened with punishment for just about everything and has grown up a very odd person indeed. Love is all we need to see us through – fear has no place in God’s love.

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