123. (new) Bliss Is Short-lived

bliss is short-lived
in this material realm
take what you can
and give aswell.
treasure your pleasures
for as long as they last
try not to regret or forget
you are made of your past
i can’t be arsed, i’ve lost my mask.
my face is revealed, unconcealed
love will congeal if you let it.
even if you don’t.
i’m getting off this throne.
future is unknown
so treasure your pleasures
live them as if they’re the last
to come past.
but don’t drown them with your deeps
your fears and lack of sleeps
for bliss is short-lived.

11 thoughts on “123. (new) Bliss Is Short-lived”

  1. I had a blissful day yesterday, so the subject of your poem could not have been more timely. “Treasure your pleasures for as long as they last” – a particular favourite 🙂 Thank you x

      1. After so many smiles I’m sure you are better – glad I could lend a hand, TwinCentaur. Always remember: you have the strength of myths and stars behind you. Nothing can get you down for long. Not even the Lapiths! 🙂

        1. hehehehe
          it’s best to smile when ya down
          “make them think you are strong when you are weak”
          i’ll be ok 🙂 nothing lasts forever, neither pleasure nor pain 🙂
          treasure your pleasure but don’t play with it too much lest it tarnishes hehehehehehehe
          thank you for your kind words,

          1. Sage advice. Speaking of pleasure… Just finished writing up my post for today. Will publish it shortly. You’ll find that I’ve been inspired by your poem somewhat in writing it 🙂

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