poetry and short stories

good ol’ Monty Python


6 thoughts on “poetry and short stories”

    1. lmao, it was an interesting link so had to like it and comment, maybe fate was in charge of the link you gave by mistake 🙂
      lmao and thank you, like the link you first gave, i’ve been a bit intermittent lately, all is revealed in my latest post.
      once i pick myself up i will gladly receive the award 🙂 x
      no apologies needed 🙂
      thank you again Vic 🙂
      also i noticed another of your recent projects that i will take part in (hopefully)

      1. My dear TwinCentaur, would love it if you could take part in Project R. There is a little leeway with the deadline, so if you would like to contribute, send me a piece and I will fit it in.
        I am glad you liked Cat’s blog. Perhaps you are right about lady fate getting her toe in there 🙂

    2. hey, i finally wrote a lil bit on fatherhood as i feel it, 🙂
      it’s part two of a post entitled This and That. 🙂 posted a day or so ago.
      although i wish i wrote it differently, it is as it is due to being a kind of Auto-Writing 🙂
      hope you get to read it 🙂

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