An Old Saying, by Anon

“Jesus loves you…

…Everyone else thinks you’re an arsehole”


10 thoughts on “An Old Saying, by Anon”

    1. this always makes me smile 🙂
      and it serves to tell us to not be so zealous, no matter which faith a person may have 🙂
      but most of all it makes me laugh at how words can be twisted; like geology is the study of pressure over time, so is organised religion a study of pressure over time 🙂
      and we all know that things can crack under pressure 🙂

    1. ye i’ve been preoccupied lately lol
      i think all is good and my lil brat is cool still 🙂 having to tread carefully with her while she adjusts to me not being single but i think she coping with it ok 🙂
      i’m finding it hard to rhyme lately, but have a few failed short stories that am trying to recreate in rhyme 🙂
      watch this space lol.
      hows u? i’ve been poking my head into your Project R, some great contributors 🙂

      1. Your head(s) are always welcome, TwinCentaur. Glad to hear your little one is doing well. I’m sure that she will thrive – she has you after all 🙂
        Look forward to reading your stories, whatever form you choose to present them in x

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