fragmented memory of a mushroom’s madness (new)

mushroom madness of yesterlife
come take me away
i remember your blanket of confusion.
ohh the laughs, the tears, the controlled chaos.
are you coming up yet?
“i don’t know, are you?”
i dont know, are you?
“hehehehehehehe i don’t know. why are you laughing :D”
i don’t know, but it’s funny. can you feel it?
“ye feels funny.”
i need the toilet.
“i’ll wait outside and go after, what does it feel like?”
the sensation of release is strange,
while my piss goes down, my body and mind are climbing.
aim for the middle, aim for the middle.
this lil room is getting brighter, as a swiftly rising sun.
as i exit the room i am stunned.
“don’t flush… are you ok mate?”
i sit on the stairs to soak up myself, realise who i am, am not.
how much did they put in the stew?
i’m guessing a few.
“no they put all of it in, how many carrier bags did you bring?”
two or three from me.
“she said she filled the pot, your brother had a lot.”
Liberty Caps that tapped into my brain.
cup after cup after cup
never the same again.
i was already a bit strange
but never the same again.
the bodily warmth and the emotional pain.
sensory overload as my eyes explode
hit by revelation and epiphany,
i could see what was in store for me
not literally but possibly.
they weren’t far wrong.
don’t look in the mirror lest you are revealed to yourself.
follow the creature through the caves if you are brave .
you know where you are, recognise the scars within the thin brain tissue from which you issued.
“do you know your name? Good.”
a mile of a while later…..
you gotta protect the girls
your brothers gone crazy. ”
my brother? let him in.
“no he thinks we’re all evil. pissed where he sat and stomped on your head.”
did he? my brother? he can’t have, i was following that thing through the caves.
anything is possible, many things are probable.
did you see that? oh it’s too late it’s gone now.
me? yeah i’m fine.
i’m fine…
i’m fine…
i’m fine…
who’s that on the telly? i thought we were watching The Wall?
oh, The Doors? ye it’s cool.
“You know the day destroys the night
night divides the day
try to run
try to hide
Break On Through To The Other Side.”
it’s hard to make a spliff like this.
“ye i been trying for an hour.”
heh it won’t take me an hour.
here told you i wouldn’t take long.
“did you put any weed in?”
i think so.
i’m going home, where do i live?
“you tell us so we know you’re ok.”
maybe i”ll sleep here, i’m fine.
“are you ok?
are you ok?”
ye i’m fine.

4 thoughts on “fragmented memory of a mushroom’s madness (new)”

    1. thanks for reading it 🙂
      i’m glad i tried them, tho i came away from them a little wiser and a little more confused 🙂
      it’s not that we tried them that scares me but how many we took over the month, i’m glad we survived it fairly intact 😀
      i’ve never tried any other hallucinogens and won’t now that i’m a dad 🙂

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