(new) i wonder

deep from the mind
come rhymes
and prose
from Bog knows where
maybe jacob’s ladder stairs.
there are clues to the acute truths.
those that we share.
that strip us bare.
poetry a flow of thought
you and me we count as naught.
parasites in paradise.
even the wise have known vice
at some time in their life.
the search for knowledge that brings truth and bliss.
if a truth is “That Which Exists”… *
isn’t the truth all around us?
with only five senses i’m tempted to say that i fail to feel it
but it niggles n tickles in a fickle fashion.
maybe the truth is rationed within a vibration.
the pulse of permanence.
*quote taken from Mahatma Ghandi book Truth is God, God is Truth


Any Thoughts?

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