(new) the apathetic hypocrite.

he puts on a brave face
to hide his distaste
of the human race.
he disgusts himself
if he dares to delve
within his mental health.
the apathetic hypocrite
writes what he thinks
and reveals his kinks,
his quirks and his qualms
although he means no harm
nor to cause alarm.


5 thoughts on “(new) the apathetic hypocrite.”

      1. 🙂 Nothing to be scared about. You just got me thinking that is all. A very powerful poem. Glad you like my use of title, TwinCentaur, and glad that you are creating once again.

        1. thanx 🙂 it’s always good to ponder n wonder, it’s where the best ideas are born 🙂
          ye i’m glad to have found a few new ideas hopefully coming soon, more worldly philosophical stuff i hope,
          and always surprised when people as cool as yourself take an interest 🙂

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