those were the daze

those were the daze,
orange bud and purple haze,
football in the school-field
we would play
(seems like only yesterday).
first team to twenty, there’s plenty of time.
“nah i aint playin’, makin’ a spliff by the side.”
“who else is coming?” is the common cry.
“Matty, Nik an’ Quang. Keith’s a bit shy”
“cool that’s at least ten a side.”
“ye but Gary’s making a spliff.”
“don’t worry, he’ll be quick.”
“hey!” Craig cries “share the stick.”
“don’t worry you’ll get two’s on the zoot
me ol’ fruit.”
“here comes Nik in his Doc Marten boots.”
on and on goes the song of the summer
in the daze of our youth we were aloof to slumber.

Cars; they pass on down the road.

walking, thinking.
time expanding and shrinking.
autopilot the miles.
travelling time sometimes it seems.
time; she weaves amongst my dreams.
had i stopped walking?
i better start jogging.
jogging in my jeans.
past keep-fitters tight-knit in teams.
jogging in my jeans and two coats.
past Tesco and A to B roads.
jogging, thinking.
lungs warming, time shrinking.
trees appear and flee the scene.
they’ll play no part in my hare-brained schemes.
not too fast not too slow.
where the path parts, the grass will grow.
cars; they pass on down the road…
Cars; they pass on down the road.

God is gone

God is gone
gone on holiday
a new place to pray
to pray and to play
the Rasa Lila baby
rock n roll my soul
for time takes its toll
God is gone, God is gone
am i right? am i wrong?
was he ever really here?
did he up and disappear?
dry your eyes, wipe your tears
for God is gone afar from here
will he return if lessons are learnt?
like a child with fire and hands that are burnt
or a parent by the park as the day becomes dark…
as the day becomes dark
as the day becomes dark
God is gone
but not for long
God is gone….but not for long.
as the day darkens, hearken, what can you hear?
i hear him descend and tend to Mother Earth’s tears.

(inspired by many rock songs including After Forever, God is dead?, God was never on your side, and many others, hopefully my words are my own 🙂 )
i don’t really believe that he is gone, but then neither do i believe that he is chillaxin in the hood hehehehe
“he is both near and far…he cares but doesn’t care…he is within and without…he is inside every atom and yet aloof of the universe”

harsh critic

thoughts break asunder
as i wander through my wonderings
what shall tomorrow bring?
while i like winter
i await the spring.

christ’s mass is a farce
i can’t be arsed
except to please my daughter
who knows what i’ve taught her.
call me a cunt if you wish to be blunt.
i won’t mind.
i’m not blind to my lack of good cheer
but year after year i fear
consumer greed out-weighs need.
does father xmas bring toys to good girls and boys in
‘third world’ lands or does he stay his hand to where ‘money maketh the man’?

i’m reminded of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, the original film.
Charlie visits the candy shop where children with money get their sweets for free
but poor old Charlie can’t have any sweets for his pockets are empty.

cajole my soul

cajole my soul.
fear of the final goal.
swim against the shoal.
it’s only rock n roll.
rock n roll.
drums against guitar.
we learn who we are.
not everyone is a star.
i am of the black hole.
can you cajole my soul?
kickstart my heart?
krishna come calm me.
not everything is plain to see.
the future is not ours to scree.
come rock and roll my soul.