God is gone

God is gone
gone on holiday
a new place to pray
to pray and to play
the Rasa Lila baby
rock n roll my soul
for time takes its toll
God is gone, God is gone
am i right? am i wrong?
was he ever really here?
did he up and disappear?
dry your eyes, wipe your tears
for God is gone afar from here
will he return if lessons are learnt?
like a child with fire and hands that are burnt
or a parent by the park as the day becomes dark…
as the day becomes dark
as the day becomes dark
God is gone
but not for long
God is gone….but not for long.
as the day darkens, hearken, what can you hear?
i hear him descend and tend to Mother Earth’s tears.

(inspired by many rock songs including After Forever, God is dead?, God was never on your side, and many others, hopefully my words are my own 🙂 )
i don’t really believe that he is gone, but then neither do i believe that he is chillaxin in the hood hehehehe
“he is both near and far…he cares but doesn’t care…he is within and without…he is inside every atom and yet aloof of the universe”

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