Day swallows night

yesterday was the shortest day of the year
have no fear
the days are getting longer, stronger
the nights are getting shorter
and so they oughta.
chin up ol’ chap
for summer is coming.
as equinox follows solstice
and death gives birth to life
before our very eyes
it is no surprise
that day swallows night.

10 thoughts on “Day swallows night”

          1. Tried it lol – nothing seems to be working at the moment and I’m about to be on a plane for half a day soon – don’t know how the “equalisation” will be happening when I can hardly breathe. Almost tempted to write a RIP post on my blog lol

  1. When you folks rave of solstice
    You speak of shortest day
    But down here in the Outback
    We all think you’re astray.
    Try telling that to kangaroo
    Or gold mining tycoon
    They’d say “the shortest day my ass,
    That happens every June!”

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