truth and delusion

Time is the Truth;
that which ‘is’.
and forever ‘exists’.
we yearn with a lust for bliss.
the kiss that we miss.
is this all that there is?
Love is the Truth;
a gentle reproof that to choose is to lose.
there are clues in the blues, if only we knew.
as i sit here i stew; and think of you.
as i sit here and stew, i think of you.


harsh critic

thoughts break asunder
as i wander through my wonderings
what shall tomorrow bring?
while i like winter
i await the spring.

christ’s mass is a farce
i can’t be arsed
except to please my daughter
who knows what i’ve taught her.
call me a cunt if you wish to be blunt.
i won’t mind.
i’m not blind to my lack of good cheer
but year after year i fear
consumer greed out-weighs need.
does father xmas bring toys to good girls and boys in
‘third world’ lands or does he stay his hand to where ‘money maketh the man’?

i’m reminded of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, the original film.
Charlie visits the candy shop where children with money get their sweets for free
but poor old Charlie can’t have any sweets for his pockets are empty.

cajole my soul

cajole my soul.
fear of the final goal.
swim against the shoal.
it’s only rock n roll.
rock n roll.
drums against guitar.
we learn who we are.
not everyone is a star.
i am of the black hole.
can you cajole my soul?
kickstart my heart?
krishna come calm me.
not everything is plain to see.
the future is not ours to scree.
come rock and roll my soul.