115. (new) I don’t mind if you don’t come Home straight away.


I give you mortal life
that you may experience it as you wish
but do not forget Me
I am here
but lest you worry that I hurry you along
I shall let you take your time, many lives of time.
through deep dark times and climes
that climb into the light.
By My Mercy shall you experience
contrasts of constraints and free reign
within the bondage of lives after lives.
By My illusion shall you be enamoured
bewitched and beguiled as if a small child
were left to his own wild choices with no internal voices.
Do not forget Me.
Do not blame Me for your wish to exist.
Your breath is My gift.
I am within you as you are within Me.
Creator and Creation;
The Ultimate Emulation.
“Abandon all religion and just pray unto Me.”
“If you offer unto Me, a leaf, a piece of fruit, or…

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Not Natural

i saw a poster on facebook concerning gay marriage and feel like writing my heterosexual thoughts.
starting with the argument of whether homosexuality is natural or not.
it must be natural for two reasons;
firstly, if a species over-populates an area, the nature of our planet (known as Mother Nature) is to regulate the population through a variety of means, whether through natural disaster, disease or through less babies being made etc.
the more gays and lesbians there are, surely the less babies will be made. i believe this is partly how nature works.
yes there seems to be more gays in the human species than any other but then we have damaged the planet more than any other species. so i believe this is partly a way that our planet keeps us in balance.
secondly; and more obvious to me; the fact that every creature on this planet is natural except for Dolly The Sheep that was cloned using modern DNA techniques.
so besides clones in laboratories, every single living creature was born of its parent in a natural fashion. therefore every single creature alive is natural, whether gay or not.
i saw another poster that says “every gay and lesbian was born of straight parents.” which must be true to a certain extent. they may have had homosexual feelings but were hetero enough to become aroused and make the gay baby 🙂
i must admit that the sight of two men kissing turns my stomach but i wouldn’t begrudge them their marriage. (why don’t i mind lesbians kissing?)
now from a spiritual viewpoint.
what if upon dying, we are reborn according to our past actions and desires? what if our past actions and desires don’t quite ‘marry up’?
a soul may be reborn bodily and yet not ‘fit its skin’ so to speak. may not feel comfy in its skin, hence there are men who think of themselves as women, women who feel like they are men.
(damn, what if schizophrenics have two souls inhabiting the one body? scary thought!)
i would like to mis-quote Jim Jeffries so i will 🙂
“if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t marry a gay.”
i haven’t always thought like this but then i’ve learnt alot during my soul searching on the subject of nature in its many contexts.

someone gave me something :)

i’ve been nominated for a sunshine award. hehehehehe let me go find my smile, i put it down earlier and misplaced it.
to be honest i’ve been nominated for a few other awards from some great people including Vic and Mike and Sista (sorry if i’ve forgotten anyone).
Let me start by sharing with you those that make me smile;
Amy, wacky stories of normal events 🙂
Vic, always uplifting and thoughtful
Sis, you make me smile, reminding me of friends nearby
Mike, always got something nice to say to me and very clever with his words.
GreenMackenzie, such beautiful photography and sentiments to match.
Tyrone Tribulations a parody of Irish life,
what i love of the Irish is their love of self spoofing humour 🙂
Diary of David Cameron (spoof) hehehehehe
Hernan, he’s not afraid to say what he thinks, which is always interesting in an Irvine Welsh kind of way 🙂 a true ray of sunshine in an otherwise shitty world 🙂
Extinction Protocol, media that matters, not media that flatters
Mikial, a fountain of true knowledge and true humility 🙂
i realise these might not be their blog names but it’s 4am (5am now) and my eyes are burning 🙂 you can find them in my ‘favourite blogs’ area or ‘recent poetry that i’ve liked’ area, or find them chatting in my comments area 🙂
please forgive me guys, i do love ya work and you all make me smile. 😀

11 facts.
i almost always side with the Underdog in many situations. Every dog has his day. or so the saying goes.
i live day by day, which reminds me, i must buy toilet roll tomorrow, i went shops twice today and forgot both times.
although i’m fairly shy, i’m also quite outspoken, quite often speaking before i collect my thoughts, which can take a while.
i’m fairly forgetful. i can remember all the twists in a great book (thinking of The Ghosts Of Sleath) yet i can’t remember what topic i was discussing five minutes ago, hence i digress a lot, which annoys some people.
i love the smell of cut grass in the rain. on the flipside, i hate the smell of rain in a built up area.
i like to go jogging as long as it’s spontaneous, if i think about it beforehand i seem to falter a lot sooner.
i’m not very good at hiding feelings or thought processes, if i’m sad or angry or frustrated; you’ll notice by my silence or involuntary expressions.
i dwell on things too much. God, love, sorrow, debt, the nature of life, fate etc et al. it’s 2:16am and i’ve got a tonne of nothing and everything on my mind 🙂 (editors note, damn it’s almost 5 now)
rarely do i complete any personal task before starting another. the walls are 3/4 painted, the washing up is Almost done, and so on 🙂
i like to surprise myself, like doing barwork in a shitty suburb or cycling over two hundred miles to the coast and back, just to see if i can.
“this country mouse aint no city slicker, the long way round always feels quicker, i’ve cycled the miles and walked on by, never did learn to drive, smoke a spliff and we’ll get high.”

What is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up in the morning?
usually i call my daughter across the hall to wake up 🙂 i get up ten mins later 🙂
What is your greatest fear?
i can’t decide. maybe being reborn to go through life another countless times? or public ridicule? or that my daughter would be hurt by my actions.
Do you have a new years resolution for 2014?
nope. i hate being told what to do 🙂 for that reason alone i make no resolution 🙂 if something was that important, i wouldn’ wait until January to start.
What is your favorite song at the moment?
I Don’t Worry About It by The Meteors.

and Death Dance by the same band.

they contrast with each other i think because one is so brash and the other is quite a thoughtful story.
What is your favourite childhood memory?
visiting my Great Nan near Wales or my stepdad sharing naughty songs with us (such as Kevin Bloody Wilson, Judge Dread etc. if a song was in an advert, my stepdad would know alternative lyrics such as “it wasn’t the grass that tickled your arse, it was my finger, it wasn’t the hay that made you that way it was my penis, magic….moments…when two hearts are (forgot nex’ bit).
Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook, i don’t have a twit account. i use facebook for chatting with close friends and sharing music that nobody wants to listen to 🙂
What did the last text message you received say?
let’s just say it was rated 18+ and it put a smile on my face 😉
What bugs you the most?
politics, me, fleas, walking slowly, people being taken advantage of; i can’t decide.
What do you consider to be the most important appliance in your house?
cooker and freezer, without these things a home is just a brick cave that you can’t cook inside of. washing machine because i’m a parent.
If you could have one song that would play whenever you entered a room, what would it be?
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd) in the bathroom.
Buster Voodoo or Diablo Rojo (Rodrigo y Gabriela) in the kitchen
Your Touch or Tighten Up or Howling For You (Black Keys) in the bedroom
The Last Bus to Sanity or The Phantom Rider (The Meteors) in the living room.
i’ve never had a favourite song, it depends what mood i’m in so i’ve chosen songs that reflect the feel of the room i guess.
What’s your favorite movie quote?
“A moment of realisation is worth a thousand prayers.” Nat Born Killers.