115. (new) I don’t mind if you don’t come Home straight away.


I give you mortal life
that you may experience it as you wish
but do not forget Me
I am here
but lest you worry that I hurry you along
I shall let you take your time, many lives of time.
through deep dark times and climes
that climb into the light.
By My Mercy shall you experience
contrasts of constraints and free reign
within the bondage of lives after lives.
By My illusion shall you be enamoured
bewitched and beguiled as if a small child
were left to his own wild choices with no internal voices.
Do not forget Me.
Do not blame Me for your wish to exist.
Your breath is My gift.
I am within you as you are within Me.
Creator and Creation;
The Ultimate Emulation.
“Abandon all religion and just pray unto Me.”
“If you offer unto Me, a leaf, a piece of fruit, or…

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