beauty in abundance

the sun shone upon her face,
such a smile of devilish grace.
adulterated confidence
with beauty in abundance.
her eyes, so full and so fine
could leave you blind
if she were so inclined.

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14 thoughts on “beauty in abundance”

            1. enough of sorrow and mellows.
              the bellows they blow on my belief
              and fan the flames of fancy deep.

              i imagine us side by side try as we might to write the perfect rhyme :)
              distracting each other easily by whispering weaving words of wonder and pleasure abundant :)

              1. Pleasure abundant for certain
                Anything else is quite redundant
                Just the melody of our minds colliding,
                Residing in harmony.
                We already fit well on a page
                But in person I’d be amazed
                Your words keep me listening
                But darling how much more am I missing?
                A glistening day, years away,
                But oh say you’ll be right beside me

                (Not my best day for writing haha)

                1. your words cajole my soul
                  take ahold of you and not let go
                  we’re missing the moments that matter
                  where we could flatter each other
                  with words of verse.
                  side by side as we write line by line
                  as our thoughts entwine
                  and mountains climb :)

                    1. Here’s to making our dreams a reality
                      Before mortality
                      Here’s to lighting the cigarettes of regrets
                      Turning to ashes our past fears
                      The future I share with you is sheer beauty
                      It’s truly a lovely world in the most disastrous ways
                      And you happen to relate to me in word play
                      Now, I send you my best wishes to keep
                      So that you may receive the sweetest of sleep

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