not so sure anymore

am i a lost cause?
for you’re closing doors.
not so sure any more…
just not so sure anymore.
i used to be.
used to be
that your lips were sweet.
to hear your voice was such a treat.
can’t you see
the way we ought to be?
you used to sigh my name in bed.
up the garden path each other we’ve led.
now downhill fast upon my sled.
i wish it were easy to turn you away.
as simple as a childish riddle at play.
silently you sulk and still i stay.
woman, what is on your mind?
your damp eyes shine with signs
of anger and brine each and every time
we walk the canine.

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4 thoughts on “not so sure anymore”

      1. Not exactly… it’s visible in a soft, subtle kind of way; that’s the beauty of it! That’s what I liked so much about it. You’re point is there, but you don’t say it in a common, raving kind of way… this had a tone, to me anyway, more of an almost defeated subtlety in its sincerity. Like, “whaddya do? *sighs*” :)

        Oh you know… I’m still plugging away, voicing my two cents over all the world’s injustices, great and small. Ha! ;)

        1. i think you’ve caught the essence of my rhyme perfectly :)
          i will catch up with your blog this weekend :) i’ve been a busy bee and can’t wait to relax with your stories and opinions :)

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