(new) Daddies Little Girl

Let’s play a game of shame and pain
strip and whip her til she screams my name
hot wax splash from the candle aflame.
Daddies Little Girl…Daddies Little Girl.
tie her up and hold her down
a sock in her mouth to drown the sound
show daddy the pictures, he’ll be so proud.
Daddies Little Girl…Daddies Little Girl.
foreplay roleplay all night all day
i can’t hear what she’s trying to say
and it makes no difference in any case.
Daddies Little Girl…Daddies Little Girl…
Daddies Little Girl enjoys this twisted world.

10 thoughts on “(new) Daddies Little Girl”

  1. I’ve read and re-read the poem and there is such angst in every line… May I ask whence came your inspiration? It is the darkest of your creations yet.
    Raw and real.

    1. i’ve written a few nasties over the years but was never happy with them, they were really amateur and didn’t feel right.
      i must admit the inspiration is from a few areas;
      firstly a catchy Meteors song Be My Slave ” i wanna…be your slave”
      and secondly the frustration of my last few emotional months.
      this is an exercise in exorcizing my demons lol.
      it seemed to write itself, i mean, kinky can be fun but i wouldn’t really wanna stick a sock in anyones mouth. you could say i’m exploring the scenario i suppose.
      maybe i should write my own 50Shades lol

  2. Shoot me right here, but oh my, I think this is my new most favourite poem of yours.. That repetitive mantra, the daddy’s little girl.. Damn, I can taste every word with my mouth and it tastes like the most emotional poetry ever. Adorable. Simply adorable.

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