(new) around and about

depression is messing with the semblance of my self.
hiding instead of confiding isn’t good for one’s health.
maintaining a sane face for the sake of a taste.
apathy pulls on me, won’t let me be free to feel.
dealing with feelings, smoking them out,
if you fancy a chong-a-long then gimme a shout.
take turns to roll one until it’s all gone
and re-tune the guitar, let’s practice our song
because “Baby I’m A Hero”. (Me n G)
is what get’s me through
this urban jungle that feels like a zoo
where the hyenas are high up; lookin’ down on us fools.
not just me but you too unless you are one of their few.
“Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today…
I’m alright Jack, keep your hand off my stack.” (Pink Floyd)

“Fire, and water, musta made you their daughter,
you’ve got what it takes, to make a poor man’s heart break.” (Free)
i’m reminded of the rhyme that Jack sang so sublime;
“I’m so glad, i’m so glad, i’m glad, i’m glad, i’m glad.
i dunno what to do, i dunno what to do, i don’t know what to do.
i’m tired of weeping, tired of moaning, tired of crying for you.
i’m so glad, i’m so glad, i’m glad i’m glad i’m glad.” (Cream)
Youtube; Cat stevens Hard Headed Woman and How Can I Tell You.
The Problem With Poetry
is that the last 100 years has provided more great poetry than any other time,
the seeds of antiquity have flourished during living memory.
some times what i want to say has already been said, with far more punch or eloquence than i could ever hope to muster.
Youtube Cat Stevens Here Comes My Baby and Datsuns You Build Me Up

6 thoughts on “(new) around and about”

  1. Hope the day has brought you some peace of mind. I am sorry that you are going through this. All I can say is that it will go away, eventually. Stay strong.

    1. Aah he was a true friend and i hope he thought the same of me 🙂
      sorry i havent been able to read your writing for a while but i have to use other peoples laptops at the moment. x

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