5 thoughts on “(new) The Sole Soul Farmer”

      1. I wondered what happened and certainly understand your predicament. I hope however that you are doing well, even if you can’t write as often and hope your little one is happy and healthy.

        1. Thank you Vic 🙂 ye my lil brat is fighting fit and our hardships have brought us even closer together 🙂 every cloud has a silver lining (i know it’s a cliche but…)
          first it was my love life and being sanctioned by the government (it helps their employment figures). now i have been sanctioned again ’til May, my girls birthday is next week and it’s horrible trying to explain why things are as they are. hence no internet til my sanction is lifted. 😦
          i also crashed my motorbike yesterday but don’t tell my mum lmao;
          hence my I’m Alright poem. lol. i must be made of iron.
          on the flip side i have refound my spirituality which helps me to calm down.
          Rama being the King of…
          Dharma being active with Him in mind….
          Karma being the result of a lack of Dharma…
          Brahma’s breath being the expansion and retraction of the universe 🙂
          i know it’s all a bit far fetched but it keeps me calm 🙂
          Vic i wanna thank you again, you remind me of a female friend who always listens with patience and empathy and sympathy x

          1. Dear TwinCentaur, I know that you will make it through. Despite all the vicissitudes that life has thrown at you, there is always a note of strength and joyfulness in what you write. Whether you find them in taking care of others or in your spiritual path, it is always there. Stay strong and things will sort themselves out.
            Warm regards,

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