(new) wave to the dazed of the perma-fog haze. or. Guerrilla Grammar.

spelling bee;
manyana man;
grammar gorilla;
guerrilla grammar;
mutter and stammer,
“st-st-stutter muthafukka”.*
“butter wouldn’t melt”,,,,
you’re hotter than iron smelt,,,,
ima pacifist anarchist,,,,
gemini guide,,,,
sagittarian scribe,,,,
naive and wise.
time contorts,,,,
here stretched here short.
,,,,,waves of days,,,,,
Wave to the dazed
of the perma-fog haze,
call Colin Dave if you’re brave;
smile and beguile the wily wankers;
kill them with kindness.
yes yes bless,
jah bless the jobless;
the seductress the
war mongers and
they who struggle with hunger,,,,
those who are plundered.
smile for your enemies,
cause them confusion;
“make ’em think you’re weak when you’re strong.”**
tell ’em your little if you’re long.
tell me if you like this song.
type and delete
scribble of the obsolete
write and reap reams of dreams.
lose them if you dare.
somewhere my soul is bared.

*Menace to Society
**the boxing film Gladiator

(new) Drop, Rock n Roll

as important as how i live
is how i die.
will i be brave?
will i lie?
will i think of God?…
or will i have forgot?
will you sing songs for me?
burn this body, set me free.
be silly and sing loud.
rounds upon rounds upon rounds…
Hari Krishna Hari Krishna
Krishna Krishna
Hari Hari
Hari Rama Hari Rama
Rama Rama
Hari Hari…
Life and death.
our souls in our hands.
i survive the tarmac daily.
war wounds still fresh.
it’s the Drop, Rock and Roll.
others not so lucky.
the ambulance on the roundabout
nasty sight of another motorbike.
Bad news on the grapevine…
a past friends car overturned on the motorway…
“don’t worry, you’ll be okay”
his last words selflessly spoken
for his unharmed children
and wife in critical condition.
May He Rest In Peace
and May She Grow Stronger Each Day.
May their nightmares go away.