of G and the D

i’ve got several themes in mind.
which isn’t normal, i usually just write and the theme explains itself to me.
maybe i’m setting myself up for a fool
the best way to gain a writers block is to tell myself how or what to write. to plan.
i love writing from different perspectives, whether spiritual, carnal, animal, funny or scary.
for a few years i wrote a lot from ‘the God perspective’ but i didn’t wanna be typecast so i wrote from a pagan point of view or a historical one or a sexual one.
then i got back into what i call shock rock or ‘psychobilly’ which is kinda like the Shadows on acid. and i realised the B-movie is alive n well in cd format. so i started writing from ‘the Devil perspective’.
so far so good.
but now i notice the pattern of my themes and it inspires me to write hopefully the best rhyme ever…concerning a chat between God n his tireless worker Lucifer.
with such high hopes there is a fear of failure.
For fear of failure
the poet he wrote
his song in the sand
to be washed away
when the sea greets the land

maybe i should call the poem between G and the D ‘Well Done My Son.”

The Meteors own all due rights. this video is not mine.


2 thoughts on “of G and the D”

    1. atychiphobia 🙂 another great word for me to use 🙂 cheers 🙂
      i think its ironic that some guys believe in the devil and yet dont believe that he does their God’s will 🙂

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