(new) I opened mine eyes

I opened My eyes
and saw that there was life
where before was only a thought
within My mind.
Temptation took over
My parts and parcels
of this flame imperishable.
How could I say no?
Instead to you I say “Go”.
Experience so that you may know
after all is said and done…
I Am The One.
Freewill is yours and Mine
As you are Me to a lesser degree.
and this is why you find in your ‘mind’
some sublime signs.
Evolution of the soul.
As I watch you die I watch you grow.
Look within My books for clues on what to do
about how to find My path and never-again lose
sight of My might.
For I am right.
There is no wrong.
No devil song.
I alone Am.


Any Thoughts?

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