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i love writing until i pick up a pen or keyboard, then i hate it. but over the years i've slowly scribbled my thoughts on receipts, bills, anything at hand; just to make these insistent thoughts go away.

Nature nurtured

Night ending.
Light bending
Around the earth.
Cold gives birth
And the warmth is born.
Darkness delivers our dawn.



Brahma yawning in his morning 
is like to your first days dawning. 
On his mid-day even demons do pray. 
At brahma’s last breath 
the devil leapt to his death 
and regained his step by My side; 
for in his pride he realised My might. 
My will was done 
and is to this day 
so heed what I say. 
Forget prophets and pray. 
Miss out the messiah 
make no mistake. 
It’s only your soul at stake. 

stars (new)

you cannot change the number of stars in the sky

but we can try.

in the twinkle of an eye

is my desire.

where fire-like flames

lay claim to all we survey

and we may find a way.

We may find a way to change

the number of stars in the sky;

if we try.