8. beggars belief

beggars can’t be choosers

winners choose the losers

time stands still for the roofless

and holds no sway for the ruthless

those who save should do so for today

as the morrow brings a new game to play

counting chickens is easy pickings

till batch by batch they refuse to hatch

and all that’s left are rotten eggs

broken dreams of money chests

winners are now losers

the hungry still they die

a lesson could be learnt

that money should be burnt

to put this world to rights


7. Parable Of The Man In A Many Miled Race

There’s this man in a many miled race
He falls to the back and finds a space
Looks up to God and asks for grace
“Please let me win so I can keep face”

With a rumble of thunder
Fork lightnin’ asunder
Astonishment and wonder
Appears on his face

By golly gosh
The path was awash
Wet shoes and socks sploshed
Perplexed, he picks up his pace

Others slowed down
As the hail hit the ground
Creating a cacophonous sound
All about the place

First place was looming
The clouds were still booming
As grey as a Moomin
Perfect weather for Drakes

He became the main marker
As the day became darker
Forgotten, His Heavenly Father
Of whom he’d asked for grace

With a single streak o’ lightnin’
First place findin’ bitin’ n’ strikin’
The rest of the runners frightened
Sprint to finish the race

5. Why Should It Be?

Life’s not fair and why should it be?
The same rain falls down on man and tree,
A silent bird upon the heath, beasts n fleas.
Am i more important than the worm underground?
Is it right that i should be proud?
Arguments echo within my mind,
Our arrogance could be called a crime.
I strive to find the middle line.
The path is unmarked and as dusk becomes dark;
Only then do i see;
Life’s not fair and why should it be?

4. In Soul Control Of Illusion

Illusion is my Pedigree
Kharma is my currency
You only have to ask of me
Benevolence then you shall see.
Is it so important to know of my name?
You are but a link & I am the chain.
Isn’t this fun; my little game.
I am the Oceans, you are the rain.
You beg to come home
As if the door’s locked
I’ve left a large lamp on
Yet you’ve not knocked.
I am the Lamp and I am the Door
I am the Tramp asleep on the Floor
I am your Lover willing for more
I am your Mother berating your flaws.
Most call me Host,You may call me Home.

2. A Dog Day

“It’s a dog day.” Said the rat
As he was cornered by the cat.
“Yeah, the mutt’s nuts.” Spoke the cat
As he licked his lips with a smack.
“I’ll make you a deal!” Squeaked the rat with a squeal
“All the King’s mice in trade for my life”.
And the cat’s eyes were wise for he saw through the rat’s lies.
“But the mice are all mine
And have committed no crime.”
(Said the feline.)
“Yet neither have I so why should I die?”
Spat the rat with a cry.
“You pissed in the grain causing much pain
Whilst riding the comfortable gravy train!”
The rat took a step back and CRACK went the trap.
Breaking the rats back.
The cat left the rat and went looking for the mice
For, he thought,
They taste so nice.

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