.Some 10 Authors I Like.

Great authors and examples of their work…

JRR Tolkien (Silmarillion)
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas (The Animal Wife)
William Blake (The Marriage of Heaven & Hell)
Stephen King (Rita Hayworth &The Shawshank Redemption)
Henry Williamson (Tarka The Otter)
Bernard Cornwell (Stonehenge 2000BC)
James Herbert (Ghosts of Sleath)
Thor Heyerdahl (Fatu Hiva)
Tim Severin (Viking)
Valerio Massimo Manfredi (Spartan)

10 thoughts on “.Some 10 Authors I Like.”

  1. I loved and loved The Stand, people can be a bit snotty about Stephen King, but he can certainly spin a yarn so that book stands tall and on my bookshelf. Snobs – avert your eyes!

    1. 😀
      ye i read the cut version and then gained the uncut version lmao
      had to read something like 1600 standard pages just to say i’d read it 🙂
      its been years but still some strong parts stand out.
      The Bachman books, The green mile that was really released chapter by chapter as he was writing it, oh, the confidence lol.
      i think the film version was noway near as good.

      James Herbert is kind of the English equivalent (same era) with books including The Rats, Ghosts Of Sleath (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), The Magic Cottage and The Haunted. 🙂

    1. ye i liked the film version of the Green mile, tho the magic of it wasnt the same as reading it.
      Shawshank, Stand By Me (The Body by ‘Richard Bachman’), Running Man (tho adapted heavily by hollywood), Carrie (book was a bit better) and The Shining.
      they were great aswell i reckon 🙂

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