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aroundabout and neither here nor there.

sometimes i don’t know what to believe.
mushrooms taught me that Anything is possible and i truly believe that.
but that doesn’t mean that everything is probable.
things that are beyond our comprehension are still tangible in thought and dream.
let’s look at astrology.

i never used to believe in astrology, i believe a lot of things spiritually that matter in materiality but astrology? surely the planets and stars and moons alignment as seen from this muddy planet are coincidental.
i still believe that; which leaves me with a problem.
when my brother was in prison ( the first time) he told me of a book that confused him.
johnathon cainers guide to astrology. picture sample above is of the moon chart for december’79.
i was confused and enlightened.
astrology is frowned upon by Christianity yet the three wise men followed a mystical star 😉
most people in the old days would have had a reading at their child’s birth.

i understand it as follows;
your starsign is pretty much what people perceive of you, that’s why Mystic Meg can be so general in her newspaper astrology.
your moonsign, a lot harder to find out unless you know your time of birth, a lot less general than just which month, is more about your inner you, the signs mean the same, such as gemini stereotypes in the moon chart can be more fickle or double edged than their sunsign counterparts.

pair your sun and moon signs to get a more detailed version, for instance my sunsign is Saggi, my moon is Gemi, (EightLeggedGemini) both never really finish what they start, put them together and that makes me a lazy bastard. thanks alot astrology.
bastard thing. i don’t believe it but it tells me about myself as if it’s spying on me

there’s ya venus n mars signs aswell but blah blah blah, it was a good read when i read it.
i was mainly interested in the moon stuff 🙂
PS. did you notice that”neither here nor there” is a double negative that sounds pretty cool.