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well, today i posted my 50th poem or blog, whichever you prefer.
There are still some snippets for me to release as per usual but now that i’ve weathered a month or two, i can feel my blog tastebuds maturing.
i’ve been writing for over fifteen years (sometimes more often than others), usually with some fascinating music in the background. Music is magic.
Tommy Emmanuel, Pink Floyd, Rush, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, The Exploited. Led Zep.
JJ Cale, John Lee Hooker, Cream, seasick Steve, William Elliot Whitmore, The Doors.
even Hari Krsna chanting if i’m in the mood.
Ganja helps me write, and a lack of it helps me write.
Mary Jane i love
She sings to my broken heart
Addiction aint smart.

i used to have ideas of being a songwriter, seems silly now, my lyrics are hardly mainstream and would probably only suit progressive rock music.

instead i realised that poetry for the sake of poetry isn’t a bad thing if done correctly.
my friends would hardly agree and i can understand why. maybe its my gemini moon 🙂 maybe i smoke too much hehehehehe

i hate religion. everyone does gods will whilst serving their own wants. i’m a hypocrite but at least i’m a failure according to my own belief, not someone elses.
i love Faith. believing in something even when there is no proof.
i believe in Krishna or krsna, just another name for God, to be honest i dont care what his name is, he feels right.
i asked a Witness if my dog had a soul and she said no.
i cannot believe that some creatures are better than others, whether cow or horse or man or insect.
really i should be vegetarian but i accept my karma with a begrudging nod of the head, my life as an englishman isn’t so bad. i’ll probably have to reclimb the rebirth ladder hehehe

but that’s why my soul is here, it saw the beauty of God’s evolving creation and wanted to partake,

i would write about science but i’m just a failed geek and too stoned to remember things, but i think Quantum physics is pretty cool, i can watch hours of Michio Kaku and Brian Cox.

Once again, thank you guys n girls for reading my errant thoughts.

44. guilty

i feel you by my side
can hear you sigh
that i haven’t got life right

ok i know i could try harder
take on the truth of Prabhupada
if only i was smarter

maybe i’m a weak man
though i should be meek man
can’t even quit the weed man

am i wise if i decline
the hand of He who is most sublime
surely this would be a crime

guilty as can be
is all i want or see

39. A Proffered Lamb

i’m afraid of the man that i am
the beast inside just outta sight

during the day
during the night
a Gemini

half man half horse
with an invisible evil twin
that always stops me
before i begin

an oriental Ram is what i am
bounding from here to there

thinkin of the next
before finishin the last
how did i know that
that would be so hard

in spectacles
aint what i wanna be at all

but it is what i am
A Proffered Lamb
held up to the sky with a bleat and a cry

34. want

she says she wants me
but doesn’t want to hurt me
as if i’m just a little child
so i say “lets see”

i say i want her
she is hot like fire
smouldering and volatile
kisses take me higher

so we want each other
yet we get no closer
it seems we have a stand off
though we make good lovers

she shows me her soft side
that’s often burnt by fire inside
then fades away into the gloom
i’m left lonesome in my room

she said she wanted me
but didn’t want to want me
life would then be easy
so she tries to hurt me