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Brahma yawning in his morning 
is like to your first days dawning. 
On his mid-day even demons do pray. 
At brahma’s last breath 
the devil leapt to his death 
and regained his step by My side; 
for in his pride he realised My might. 
My will was done 
and is to this day 
so heed what I say. 
Forget prophets and pray. 
Miss out the messiah 
make no mistake. 
It’s only your soul at stake. 

(new) a symphony of sympathy or Of G&D (warming up)

poems flit by on the breeze of the season
and could cause you to cry if you would listen to reason.

I am the shadow and I am the sun
I am ev-ery one
ev-ery thing
My song you do sing.
with fear I keep you near
but your fear is unfounded
only your body is grounded.

.Quality Controlled.
see Me within the sinner.
and yet again within the saint;
for We are all of the same Flame.

the deal sealed with a kiss;
ignorance is bliss…
once bitten forever smitten.
necessity is the mother of intention…
trial by fire.

Well done My son; I can see you’ve had fun.
Test them. See if they remember Me.
“yes my Lord.”
And if they are worthy.
“of course my Lord.”
You are My dischord ,
I would that they were in remembrance;
Set them some tests and see who thrives…who rests.
“as ever; You know best…but they shall not rest from my tests
and neither will they be bored oh my Lord.”
By My causeless mercy shall all that they own be stripped away.
That they may see Me all the clearer.
Enamoured as they are by the illusion of life.
“my Lord they shall love You as they fear me.
they shall search the stars for You in the yonder.
they shall ponder long on Your song that is Life.
i shall set them strife. beget their wife with blight.
hear their hymns in the churchlight.”
Let it be.
They shall remember me.

(new) The Test

it’s the season of bleeding.
angels and demons will be breeding.
demigods demonstrate the dimensions of dreaming.
a devil descends and starts to discuss
the reality of reincarnation and rust.
“You do know that you don’t exist?”
i nodded my head and the devil was pissed.
he thought there must be a trick that i’ve missed.
“Bring Me your blues as I’ve nothing to do for an hour or two.”
spellbound; he stole my stare and smiled at what he saw there.
a notion of ruin, an ocean of poems….the presumption to know Him.
he drily smiled and rose with a ruse of respect.
“I did not expect you to be perplexed.”
i shat myself as my body relaxed and the next track on the tape began to play.
Black Sabbath’s Black Sabbath. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5yR5XhCIeg
i shall remember forever till my soul is unchained.
“So I’m not real, am I not? but what of the wicked within the world?”
at that his bat like wings were unfurled.
“Touch Me, smell Me, gag on My filth.
I fucked your mum last night, the perverted milf.”
i tried to tell myself that this is a test;
just keep on breathing and hope for the best.
what is will be, both for the brutal and the blessed.
and of the future; even demons must guess.
i saw inside us, him and me and the trees.
the dog, the daisy, the flea and the disease.
we are all made of the same grains of God.
and dance on the paths that He has preset us.
how can i fear the folly of the fallen?
i smiled awhile in deep thought as if naught were about me.
in communion with the Cause of plausibility.
the light of His Love from below and above
shone with a divine shine and the shadows slunk beneath our feet.
and again i did meet the devilish soul that had stolen my stare.
His fair form and hair unshorn, kindness i saw there in pairs.
“Remember to realise Me, and remind those that might.”
He embraced me as a father and i felt alright as he nonchalantly strolled off into the night.

God is gone

God is gone
gone on holiday
a new place to pray
to pray and to play
the Rasa Lila baby
rock n roll my soul
for time takes its toll
God is gone, God is gone
am i right? am i wrong?
was he ever really here?
did he up and disappear?
dry your eyes, wipe your tears
for God is gone afar from here
will he return if lessons are learnt?
like a child with fire and hands that are burnt
or a parent by the park as the day becomes dark…
as the day becomes dark
as the day becomes dark
God is gone
but not for long
God is gone….but not for long.
as the day darkens, hearken, what can you hear?
i hear him descend and tend to Mother Earth’s tears.

(inspired by many rock songs including After Forever, God is dead?, God was never on your side, and many others, hopefully my words are my own 🙂 )
i don’t really believe that he is gone, but then neither do i believe that he is chillaxin in the hood hehehehe
“he is both near and far…he cares but doesn’t care…he is within and without…he is inside every atom and yet aloof of the universe”

new thoughts

God is a friend
but He pisses me off.
what does He know of loss?
who am i to to question the cost?
i know the rules, he remains aloft.
the rules are simple, give up the game
of ups and downs and
pleasure and pain.
find the middle path.
it’s easy and hard.
you can’t quit whatever you never start.
we are here because we want to be.
to experience materiality in it’s entirety.
with loss comes learning.
with a lack comes yearning.
with lust there is burning.
Goodness. Passion. Ignorance.
the material modes that we know.
Eating Mating Sleeping Defending
Birth Life Death Rebirth unending.
with release comes peace, after a while at least.
a lust for life is the nature of the beast,
i am no exception, no matter what i preach.
and so, the three modes, they have me high and low.
The middle path, both light and dark but the rules are hard…
No gambling.
No intoxicating substances.
No murder (includes meat eating).
No sex unless we wish to beget God’s bless through holiness.
four little rules for misguided fools like me and you.
don’t worry, rules are made to be broken,
From a lack of Dharma may Kharma be spoken.

the devil does not exist

when i write of God (which is fairly often), i think of Krishna.
it’s difficult to find words that express the unknowable, the unprovable.
i’m not saying He exists, rather that i’m sure he does exist.
how can we give a name to the unknowable and unprovable? that which is beyond our senses and yet can be sensed by some?
one day i was annoyed by God and his law of nature (the nature of this planet) so i told him (i’ve told this story in it’s longer version a few months ago), promised to read his book properly if only he would stop the wind.
The gale force wind stopped.
so i bought an old bible and read it.
afterwoulds i told Him that i disagreed with it and that i had held my barter with him.
not long after i was introduced to Bhakti, which means Love and i was hooked, finally something that has an answer for everything, even if it’s a little difficult to comprehend with these material five senses.
i truly believe that these things happened due to my bargaining with God on that windy day.

i’ve always believed there is a God, i jus had to find him.
i’ve never believed in the devil.
nor that Jesus was the Son Of God. he may have been an avatar in much the same way as Buddha was.

everything that is not part of God is temporary, even the gods who, in the Christian tradition, may be thought of as angels i guess.
there is a story that Brahma was pretending to be God, so God absorbed him or something,
Brahma may be likened to the Norn who spins the thread of life and for a while there was no Brahma.
there was no soul great enough to become the new Brahma and so Krishna himself out of love became Brahma for a while.
i don’t believe that God in his infinite Truth Knowledge & Bliss would consign his souls to damnation.

i’m being harrased by household and parenting duties, may continue this later.

King James Bible, printed and bound in Bond St, London 1825 and possibly owned by a distant relative of mine.

Krishna and His Śrīmad Bhāgavatam

118 (new) struggling to see the sense of it all

i wanna write ryhmes…
lines after lines…
rack ’em up like cocaine
that’s been drained from my veins.
write about love or lust…
pain or drugs…
of God and the lies
that surround emotional bribes.
i’ve been struggling for days.
“wanna read a book?” they say.
“come to church and pray.”
“Sunday School is cool.”
“learn how to fear that salvation is near.”
“get ready for Love from Him who is above.”
“too young to understand? let me give you a hand.”
“Colour in this comic, fill in the missing words,”
“Satan wants the universe.”
Can’t they see that God alone is?
“I am He who exists”

originally writing one word at a time, struggling to find rhymes, i remember a pamphlet i read round a friends house whose kids go to sunday school.
Watchtower (for kids)
it used the bible to scare children into love of God.
i am disgusted.
on the back is a selection of quotes, coloured in by random children, this one by Tom aged six, that one by Sally aged nine.
the top row all feature famous quotes that start with ‘Fear Ye’
Lucky for Watchtower, the parents can’t read, but i can. i should have took a picture. hopefully they haven’t thrown their childrens pamphlets away so that i Can get the photo.
my daughter asked if she can go sunday school with her friend but anyone who propagates Godliness with fear is on a losing battle with me.
In my opinion, God is Love, and love can not be bought with fear!
If someone believes in the beauty of God, they should not use fear to persuade children.
on the same subject, why christen a child, all children are innocent, i’m sure i read Jesus say so in my own home bible. (i’m not a christian but i love reading)
yes original sin may be argued but didn’t Jesus say that children are innocent?
if they die innocent then they will go to heaven. God doesn’t need a list of names. He is all-knowing.
I’m fed up with seeing children being used as pawns in this material fight over spiritual souls.

115. (new) I don’t mind if you don’t come Home straight away.

I give you mortal life
that you may experience it as you wish
but do not forget Me
I am here
but lest you worry that I hurry you along
I shall let you take your time, many lives of time.
through deep dark times and climes
that climb into the light.
By My Mercy shall you experience
contrasts of constraints and free reign
within the bondage of lives after lives.
By My illusion shall you be enamoured
bewitched and beguiled as if a small child
were left to his own wild choices with no internal voices.
Do not forget Me.
Do not blame Me for your wish to exist.
Your breath is My gift.
I am within you as you are within Me.
Creator and Creation;
The Ultimate Emulation.
“Abandon all religion and just pray unto Me.”
“If you offer unto Me, a leaf, a piece of fruit, or clean water, I shall accept it.”