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46. Flee the Earth

So, you wanna flee the earth my friend,
But why?
Say you wanna leave this earth my friend
You could be an Eagle and fly
You could at least try
But not in this lifetime of material grime
First you gotta die, leave your cold body lie.
You may again be alive,
You may be a Seal that loves to dive
Or a Shark with zeal who loves to
Bribe the Seal with teeth that bite.

For, beyond, the sky looks cold.
Even with a sun so bold that
We could never hope to hold.


44. guilty

i feel you by my side
can hear you sigh
that i haven’t got life right

ok i know i could try harder
take on the truth of Prabhupada
if only i was smarter

maybe i’m a weak man
though i should be meek man
can’t even quit the weed man

am i wise if i decline
the hand of He who is most sublime
surely this would be a crime

guilty as can be
is all i want or see

39. A Proffered Lamb

i’m afraid of the man that i am
the beast inside just outta sight

during the day
during the night
a Gemini

half man half horse
with an invisible evil twin
that always stops me
before i begin

an oriental Ram is what i am
bounding from here to there

thinkin of the next
before finishin the last
how did i know that
that would be so hard

in spectacles
aint what i wanna be at all

but it is what i am
A Proffered Lamb
held up to the sky with a bleat and a cry