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meander through my mind.

3000 views, 150 followers, or as i prefer to call you; Readers.
i guess i should say thank you 🙂 so thank you 🙂
people blog for many reasons i’ve noticed. whether to express their wordplay or paint or fashion sense or jus to get things off their chest.
i needed somewhere to compile my previously written poetry. it’s in notepads, memory sticks, floppy discs (remember them?), postit notes, envelopes, memory files etc.
a few days in and i was noticed by HelenValentina (check her out) who gave me my first award and the inclination to stick around a bit 🙂
i only ever meant to release poetry but as i searched the cupboards i started sharing thoughts in a bloggy way. i even started writing fresh poetry :).
i guess i get a bit insecure sometimes and feel the need to share whatever song i’m listening to as usually they matter to me and my history, or they explain in a way that i never could.
music and books have always been my release.
if you can’t be a rock n roll star, you may aswell be an unnoticed wordsmith i suppose.
good music is like poetry told by angels, even the rough stuff.
especially music that’s older than myself as it seems to have been around for ever.
and therefore closer to the gods.
Pink Floyd were the first band to knock me sideways. not dark side of the moon, my parents had that.
PinkFloyd in Pompeii. They played in an empty ampi-theatre, the acoustics are heavenly.
an orchestra couldn’t compete in scope and sound.
i felt like i was in space looking down on the ancients of Italy.
Echoes, a Saucerful of Secrets, Set The controls etc

Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, the Doors, Iron Maiden have influenced my poetry, so have the novelists Enid Blyton, JRR Tolkien and William Blake.
The first poem i ever read was probably the Jabberwocky.
The first Haiku i ever read is a book of Haiku by Basho and another guy.
it is the only style where i am strict with myself.
it must be 5-7-5 🙂
otherwise, all my other stuff, well, it does as it wants to 🙂