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(new) a symphony of sympathy or Of G&D (warming up)

poems flit by on the breeze of the season
and could cause you to cry if you would listen to reason.

I am the shadow and I am the sun
I am ev-ery one
ev-ery thing
My song you do sing.
with fear I keep you near
but your fear is unfounded
only your body is grounded.

.Quality Controlled.
see Me within the sinner.
and yet again within the saint;
for We are all of the same Flame.

the deal sealed with a kiss;
ignorance is bliss…
once bitten forever smitten.
necessity is the mother of intention…
trial by fire.

Well done My son; I can see you’ve had fun.
Test them. See if they remember Me.
“yes my Lord.”
And if they are worthy.
“of course my Lord.”
You are My dischord ,
I would that they were in remembrance;
Set them some tests and see who thrives…who rests.
“as ever; You know best…but they shall not rest from my tests
and neither will they be bored oh my Lord.”
By My causeless mercy shall all that they own be stripped away.
That they may see Me all the clearer.
Enamoured as they are by the illusion of life.
“my Lord they shall love You as they fear me.
they shall search the stars for You in the yonder.
they shall ponder long on Your song that is Life.
i shall set them strife. beget their wife with blight.
hear their hymns in the churchlight.”
Let it be.
They shall remember me.

national this and that day

let’s create equality by making things non-equal.
i don’t believe in fairness or rights…ok… i teach my kid about fairness and rights but how does one thing have more right than another?
i don’t have any real Right to anything but we are taught from a young age to take what is rightfully ours.
every good child on the planet gets a visit from Santa…well…apart from the lost south american tribes. equality and rights. maybe Santa is rascist or something?
women want us all to be equal, well, except on wimmins day.
something about how men are arseholes i think, as if life should be fair.
fair? while there are kids starving in the Third world? i thought earth was the third world? we should be in it together!
fair is when no-one gets a special day…that would be fair.
lets knock all these stupid special days on the head, easter and crimbo included!
i don’t need a calendar to remind me to treat the lil brat or other loved ones!
and remember, all these special days whether fathers or mothers day or gay day (is there a hetrosexual day?), they are thought up by money makers. which is fine if you have money, but then don’t complain that you are treated unfairly, just remember while you eat your choccy or smell your flowers…the starving millions that shit in the communal pond or ditch, fat with malnutrition. where do they get their water from while you drink wine from a crystal glass?


well, today i posted my 50th poem or blog, whichever you prefer.
There are still some snippets for me to release as per usual but now that i’ve weathered a month or two, i can feel my blog tastebuds maturing.
i’ve been writing for over fifteen years (sometimes more often than others), usually with some fascinating music in the background. Music is magic.
Tommy Emmanuel, Pink Floyd, Rush, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, The Exploited. Led Zep.
JJ Cale, John Lee Hooker, Cream, seasick Steve, William Elliot Whitmore, The Doors.
even Hari Krsna chanting if i’m in the mood.
Ganja helps me write, and a lack of it helps me write.
Mary Jane i love
She sings to my broken heart
Addiction aint smart.

i used to have ideas of being a songwriter, seems silly now, my lyrics are hardly mainstream and would probably only suit progressive rock music.

instead i realised that poetry for the sake of poetry isn’t a bad thing if done correctly.
my friends would hardly agree and i can understand why. maybe its my gemini moon 🙂 maybe i smoke too much hehehehehe

i hate religion. everyone does gods will whilst serving their own wants. i’m a hypocrite but at least i’m a failure according to my own belief, not someone elses.
i love Faith. believing in something even when there is no proof.
i believe in Krishna or krsna, just another name for God, to be honest i dont care what his name is, he feels right.
i asked a Witness if my dog had a soul and she said no.
i cannot believe that some creatures are better than others, whether cow or horse or man or insect.
really i should be vegetarian but i accept my karma with a begrudging nod of the head, my life as an englishman isn’t so bad. i’ll probably have to reclimb the rebirth ladder hehehe

but that’s why my soul is here, it saw the beauty of God’s evolving creation and wanted to partake,

i would write about science but i’m just a failed geek and too stoned to remember things, but i think Quantum physics is pretty cool, i can watch hours of Michio Kaku and Brian Cox.

Once again, thank you guys n girls for reading my errant thoughts.