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33. Sterilise My Soul

i will not be buried
nor put out to sea
reserve me not a bed
in your cemetary
awaiting the awakening
of the false prophecy

burn me as of old
build up a high pyre
bring a soft song
to accompany the guitar &
sweet smelling fragrance
for the spiritual fire

i hate what we’ve done to the earth.
see how we’ve harmed
our selfless mother.
Taken her ‘n’ shaken her.
Stabbed her with swords
in the south ‘n’ north.
Cut her with wire &
Burdened her with walls.

so i will not be buried
you can burn me as of old
for i would rather the pain o’ flame
than to lay there in the cold.
Yes, i would rather the pain o’ flame
To Sterilise My Soul.

30. nothing & nobody

If you dont know me by now;

I am everything & everyone
Creator of The Mighty Sun
I am nothing & nobody
As you see, you can’t see me.
And all the thoughts
Inside my mind are fine.
Because I am old
Yet also new
I know the pain
They put you through.
It reminds me of
The blind that cried “I’m blind!”
So lift the chalice to your lips
& join us in our Shaman drink.
The time is nigh to find the line
That binds this awkward rhyme;
But does it really matter
If it’s missin?

8. beggars belief

beggars can’t be choosers

winners choose the losers

time stands still for the roofless

and holds no sway for the ruthless

those who save should do so for today

as the morrow brings a new game to play

counting chickens is easy pickings

till batch by batch they refuse to hatch

and all that’s left are rotten eggs

broken dreams of money chests

winners are now losers

the hungry still they die

a lesson could be learnt

that money should be burnt

to put this world to rights

5. Why Should It Be?

Life’s not fair and why should it be?
The same rain falls down on man and tree,
A silent bird upon the heath, beasts n fleas.
Am i more important than the worm underground?
Is it right that i should be proud?
Arguments echo within my mind,
Our arrogance could be called a crime.
I strive to find the middle line.
The path is unmarked and as dusk becomes dark;
Only then do i see;
Life’s not fair and why should it be?

4. In Soul Control Of Illusion

Illusion is my Pedigree
Kharma is my currency
You only have to ask of me
Benevolence then you shall see.
Is it so important to know of my name?
You are but a link & I am the chain.
Isn’t this fun; my little game.
I am the Oceans, you are the rain.
You beg to come home
As if the door’s locked
I’ve left a large lamp on
Yet you’ve not knocked.
I am the Lamp and I am the Door
I am the Tramp asleep on the Floor
I am your Lover willing for more
I am your Mother berating your flaws.
Most call me Host,You may call me Home.