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2. A Dog Day

“It’s a dog day.” Said the rat
As he was cornered by the cat.
“Yeah, the mutt’s nuts.” Spoke the cat
As he licked his lips with a smack.
“I’ll make you a deal!” Squeaked the rat with a squeal
“All the King’s mice in trade for my life”.
And the cat’s eyes were wise for he saw through the rat’s lies.
“But the mice are all mine
And have committed no crime.”
(Said the feline.)
“Yet neither have I so why should I die?”
Spat the rat with a cry.
“You pissed in the grain causing much pain
Whilst riding the comfortable gravy train!”
The rat took a step back and CRACK went the trap.
Breaking the rats back.
The cat left the rat and went looking for the mice
For, he thought,
They taste so nice.