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46. Flee the Earth

So, you wanna flee the earth my friend,
But why?
Say you wanna leave this earth my friend
You could be an Eagle and fly
You could at least try
But not in this lifetime of material grime
First you gotta die, leave your cold body lie.
You may again be alive,
You may be a Seal that loves to dive
Or a Shark with zeal who loves to
Bribe the Seal with teeth that bite.

For, beyond, the sky looks cold.
Even with a sun so bold that
We could never hope to hold.

33. Sterilise My Soul

i will not be buried
nor put out to sea
reserve me not a bed
in your cemetary
awaiting the awakening
of the false prophecy

burn me as of old
build up a high pyre
bring a soft song
to accompany the guitar &
sweet smelling fragrance
for the spiritual fire

i hate what we’ve done to the earth.
see how we’ve harmed
our selfless mother.
Taken her ‘n’ shaken her.
Stabbed her with swords
in the south ‘n’ north.
Cut her with wire &
Burdened her with walls.

so i will not be buried
you can burn me as of old
for i would rather the pain o’ flame
than to lay there in the cold.
Yes, i would rather the pain o’ flame
To Sterilise My Soul.

16. Eternal Mind

The curse of Rebirth
is we forget who we were,
when everything was one
with no need to share.
The shame on our name is that
we don’t even care.
Eating, sleeping, mating, defending.
Birth, life, death, never ending.

So i’m lookin’ for a way to be set free,
am i naive to believe it could be so easy
as to break on through to the otherside
of Love and Light and The Eternal Mind.