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nasty excuse of a man.

i truly hope that he will be reborn as a Penguin and caught by a Leopard Seal or Orca Whale, and used as a toy by them.
or born as a Wildebeest and used as a practice kill by young inexperienced Lions, with an extremely slow and painful death as one Lion holds his neck while the other young Lions gain entry to his meat through the soft entrance of his arse.
religion should never forced upon a person, nor used as a punishment.
i truly hope that Kharma or his Allah will find a suitable punishment.


“give to God what belongs to God
and give to the Romans what belongs to the Romans.”

if i could pay my tithe with time, i would try.

i remember a passage that explains why a woman giving her only coin whole-heartedly is more in Gods favour than the many monied man who gives gold(?) in expectation.

Altruism should be the name of the game. Ahimsa.
Give because you think you should or because you want to 🙂
Not for the reward that you are promised for promises are broken until they are ready.

“The pharoah’s heart was hardened.” More than once.

Pharaoh or sinner or saint…
Free Will is as thin as a layer of paint

There was a vicar in my hometown who went to prison for not paying his taxes.
how can i trust a tutor who practices not what he preaches.
should he sit down during the sermon?

my body is my temple
i honour it with internal incense
and cannot see for the smoke.

These houses of the holy are only fit for archeology
Let us take to the fields in open air where there is no upkeep.
Let us burn money to show it’s poisonous colour.

“Give us this day our daily bread”
who are we to demand of Him?
Who are we to demand?