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(new) a symphony of sympathy or Of G&D (warming up)

poems flit by on the breeze of the season
and could cause you to cry if you would listen to reason.

I am the shadow and I am the sun
I am ev-ery one
ev-ery thing
My song you do sing.
with fear I keep you near
but your fear is unfounded
only your body is grounded.

.Quality Controlled.
see Me within the sinner.
and yet again within the saint;
for We are all of the same Flame.

the deal sealed with a kiss;
ignorance is bliss…
once bitten forever smitten.
necessity is the mother of intention…
trial by fire.

Well done My son; I can see you’ve had fun.
Test them. See if they remember Me.
“yes my Lord.”
And if they are worthy.
“of course my Lord.”
You are My dischord ,
I would that they were in remembrance;
Set them some tests and see who thrives…who rests.
“as ever; You know best…but they shall not rest from my tests
and neither will they be bored oh my Lord.”
By My causeless mercy shall all that they own be stripped away.
That they may see Me all the clearer.
Enamoured as they are by the illusion of life.
“my Lord they shall love You as they fear me.
they shall search the stars for You in the yonder.
they shall ponder long on Your song that is Life.
i shall set them strife. beget their wife with blight.
hear their hymns in the churchlight.”
Let it be.
They shall remember me.

115. (new) I don’t mind if you don’t come Home straight away.

I give you mortal life
that you may experience it as you wish
but do not forget Me
I am here
but lest you worry that I hurry you along
I shall let you take your time, many lives of time.
through deep dark times and climes
that climb into the light.
By My Mercy shall you experience
contrasts of constraints and free reign
within the bondage of lives after lives.
By My illusion shall you be enamoured
bewitched and beguiled as if a small child
were left to his own wild choices with no internal voices.
Do not forget Me.
Do not blame Me for your wish to exist.
Your breath is My gift.
I am within you as you are within Me.
Creator and Creation;
The Ultimate Emulation.
“Abandon all religion and just pray unto Me.”
“If you offer unto Me, a leaf, a piece of fruit, or clean water, I shall accept it.”

100. (new) A Gift To Be Grateful For.

See what I have created,
descend and propagate it.
there is much to do, My chosen few.
prove your love of Me for I am you.
everything is for My reason and is realised in its own season.
try not to understand these manifold plans
for there is much to do.
have faith as there is nothing to lose.
you will experience desire, this is nothing new.
we’ve been here before, Me and you.
millions of mortal moments
between each of Brahma’s breaths;
you’ll get your chance to explore life and death,
light and sex and dark and depths.
but don’t forget Me, lest Brahma breathes deep,
for even hallowed souls must sleep.

99. Festival Of The Inevitable. (new)

to this festival
of the inevitable.
the run is won
with perseverance
but different strides
in this race of life
are of no consequence.
for we are here for fun.
to enjoy creation at every level.
He is patient with us,
a necessary Devil.
and so we go through
these circles of lives
where to live is to strive,
to breathe is to die and retry
within a blink of His eye.
the nature of life is to live,
we take and we give.
even mould has a soul
with it’s own path to enrich.

my prayer

i used to think that it’s rude to pray.
imagine being constantly bombarded
by every tom dick and harry
“please let me win the lottery”
“please lord i won’t steal again, please don’t let me get caught”
“please let me finish on time”
me me me.
i used to think that praying means asking for something.
maybe it does.
maybe The Big I Am wants us to pray,
like a parent who would love to hear his child
ask for an ice cream after years of anguished silence.
it seems we remember God more when we lose things.

An imperfect quote;
“Sri Krsna uvaca
By My causeless mercy, all that you love shall be taken away, that you may remember Me.”

here is my prayer:
Lord may you help those that are in pain. not just those near me, nor those that get coverage on tv,
but everyone. not just humans but flora and fauna too. no one is more important than the other.