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mind your language!

Fuck, Piss and many other words are great.
i know that many disagree and apologise for their use.
they even blame it on the french.
Pardon my french…
these words are English or British, usually of Germanic or Nordic or Latin descent.
English is great for many reasons;
it is one of the only languages in the world that wants to shorten it self as far as possible, even, in speech, to the level of Agglutination (where a sentence is spoken like an extra long word).
i’m told English people are more likely to shorten names into nicknames than other countries.
we find sounds and use them to describe themselves.
Thus piss is the sound we make as we urinate.
we give a man the name Noddy (probably a nickname) and the french would call him yes yes (oui oui)
The romance languages of france and italy have largely remained intact due to pride in their spoken form,
it is time for us English speaking people of the world to find comfort and strength in our language. not pass off every ’naughty’ word as french.
Sacre Bleu!
Pardon my french.
words are naughty because we are told they are.
This probably goes back to the Norman or even Roman conquests of our great island.
i can imagine them telling us that our heathen language is deplorable to their ears.
in fact, i cant even raise two fingers without it being considered improper.
Look to the battle of Agincourt, with the french, to know the reason.
well Fuck that.
i want every nation to be proud of their mother tongue, whether french or spanish or native american or English.
Be proud of your language, not jus the politest of words but all words, warts n all, every word has a history that shouldn’t be forgotten.