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90. (new) Of Need & Want.

as i sit on this couch,
dirty dishes conspiring.
i bemoan my lot
although i’m dry and content.

my friend in his shack
doesn’t feel the lack
of amenities and machines
that help keep us clean.

i’ve been feeling sad this last season.
my soul accuses my ego of treason.

autowriting on the top ten percent

the top ten percent

i keep remembering….
years ago i was working with some Kenyans at a waste recycling facility in my home town.
some of the cleverest people i’ve Ever met, apparently my name in their home tribal language means leopard 🙂 better than a spear carrier 🙂
anyway, among our wide ranging conversations including how language evolves, politics and nature, was poverty.
i among others usually bemoan my lot, i’m definitely grateful, don’t get me wrong but it’s easy to think that we are being taken for a ride by the big companies and governments, whether it’s another tax or food scare or invasion of my civil liberties with data protection etc, and there’s enough evidence or lack of it to keep most conspiracy theories alive, i’ve got my favourites (r ;)o th 😉 ch i l d ;). ) lmao and we always blame Big Brother or Little Brother
but anyway, these guys n girls gave me another perspective.
even if you are on jobseekers or welfare or what ever your nations equivalent is;
you are more than likely in the top ten percent of the richest people in the world.
(apart from the tribes that haven’t been introduced to the modern age, they’ve got something more valuable)
i have to remind my self of this fairly often.
even with every problem i can think of, we’ve still got a roof over my head, And light during the dark of night, And heating if i spend the money wisely, And cleaned water, for us to bathe in, that even rinses the toilet when we flush, my daughter doesn’t go hungry, unless through greed, etc et al
so basically when we moan, we are an ungrateful bunch.
but we’ve given ourselves the right to so many things, that we feel we are right to moan, even to the cost of others.
i wanna continue writing but busy bee time

56. The Gravy Train

Isn’t it funny how, you always help your mates
but you probably wouldn’t like it
if your family asked for the same.
We always hurt the ones we love
the lesson is learnt
water is thinner than blood
bloods thicker than water
we never do as we oughta.
It isn’t funny now
we are like lambs to the slaughter,
my brain strains, like money down a drain
everyone jumps the gravy train
hoping for a free ride
but don’t push your family to the side.
Isn’t it funny how we are all to proud.
It’s all about the here and now!

44. guilty

i feel you by my side
can hear you sigh
that i haven’t got life right

ok i know i could try harder
take on the truth of Prabhupada
if only i was smarter

maybe i’m a weak man
though i should be meek man
can’t even quit the weed man

am i wise if i decline
the hand of He who is most sublime
surely this would be a crime

guilty as can be
is all i want or see

39. A Proffered Lamb

i’m afraid of the man that i am
the beast inside just outta sight

during the day
during the night
a Gemini

half man half horse
with an invisible evil twin
that always stops me
before i begin

an oriental Ram is what i am
bounding from here to there

thinkin of the next
before finishin the last
how did i know that
that would be so hard

in spectacles
aint what i wanna be at all

but it is what i am
A Proffered Lamb
held up to the sky with a bleat and a cry

38. Blasphemy

think I don’t know you
think I’m not real
think that you’re God
how do you feel?

whisper Me your prayers
so that no-one hears
as if people care
’bout your hopes ‘n’ fears

Allah Krishna Jahweh
Holy Trinity
just another way to say
Me Me Me

T’is My lil joke
a game of hide and seek
I think you’ll find
I’m in your mind
because I’m a cheating sneak.