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those were the daze

those were the daze,
orange bud and purple haze,
football in the school-field
we would play
(seems like only yesterday).
first team to twenty, there’s plenty of time.
“nah i aint playin’, makin’ a spliff by the side.”
“who else is coming?” is the common cry.
“Matty, Nik an’ Quang. Keith’s a bit shy”
“cool that’s at least ten a side.”
“ye but Gary’s making a spliff.”
“don’t worry, he’ll be quick.”
“hey!” Craig cries “share the stick.”
“don’t worry you’ll get two’s on the zoot
me ol’ fruit.”
“here comes Nik in his Doc Marten boots.”
on and on goes the song of the summer
in the daze of our youth we were aloof to slumber.

13. The Two Pull Pass Boogie

(Do you) Remember the days of the two pull pass?
i always hoped i wasn’t the last
to taste the latest batch of grass.
i said i could buy an ounce
with my paperboy money,
Everyone cracked up,
they thought i was funny.
oh, those giggles felt funny in my tummy.
two at a time, two at a time
just upstairs, follow the sign
two pull pass, two pull pass,
i only jus sparked it,
give us a chance.