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(new) Lace and pain.

out of place.
frilly lace her saving grace.
mundane complaint;
freedom is as thin as a…
layer of lace.
can’t wait to berate.
it’s the dominant trait.
the Dominant’s slave
is brave to crave pain.
lace and chains.
bend for the cane bitch,
you will be trained.
bend for the cane.

(new) Daddies Little Girl

Let’s play a game of shame and pain
strip and whip her til she screams my name
hot wax splash from the candle aflame.
Daddies Little Girl…Daddies Little Girl.
tie her up and hold her down
a sock in her mouth to drown the sound
show daddy the pictures, he’ll be so proud.
Daddies Little Girl…Daddies Little Girl.
foreplay roleplay all night all day
i can’t hear what she’s trying to say
and it makes no difference in any case.
Daddies Little Girl…Daddies Little Girl…
Daddies Little Girl enjoys this twisted world.

new thoughts

God is a friend
but He pisses me off.
what does He know of loss?
who am i to to question the cost?
i know the rules, he remains aloft.
the rules are simple, give up the game
of ups and downs and
pleasure and pain.
find the middle path.
it’s easy and hard.
you can’t quit whatever you never start.
we are here because we want to be.
to experience materiality in it’s entirety.
with loss comes learning.
with a lack comes yearning.
with lust there is burning.
Goodness. Passion. Ignorance.
the material modes that we know.
Eating Mating Sleeping Defending
Birth Life Death Rebirth unending.
with release comes peace, after a while at least.
a lust for life is the nature of the beast,
i am no exception, no matter what i preach.
and so, the three modes, they have me high and low.
The middle path, both light and dark but the rules are hard…
No gambling.
No intoxicating substances.
No murder (includes meat eating).
No sex unless we wish to beget God’s bless through holiness.
four little rules for misguided fools like me and you.
don’t worry, rules are made to be broken,
From a lack of Dharma may Kharma be spoken.

123. (new) Bliss Is Short-lived

bliss is short-lived
in this material realm
take what you can
and give aswell.
treasure your pleasures
for as long as they last
try not to regret or forget
you are made of your past
i can’t be arsed, i’ve lost my mask.
my face is revealed, unconcealed
love will congeal if you let it.
even if you don’t.
i’m getting off this throne.
future is unknown
so treasure your pleasures
live them as if they’re the last
to come past.
but don’t drown them with your deeps
your fears and lack of sleeps
for bliss is short-lived.

110. new. i would that you were here.

i would take you in a tangle of our arms and legs

caress your breasts as we share our breath

nip your lips with my teeth

you on top with me underneath.

my lust i bequeath

can you feel my heat?

skin to skin as i slip slowly within

your maternal thighs that would make Venus cry in jealousy

while we breathlessly buck

my hands on your hips and arse

as we thrust and laugh at some saucy shared thoughts

throw you over onto all fours so i can taste your main course

as you swallow this horse 😉

that you’ve created with baited breath

and i nibble where your legs cleft

making you moan with my own in your mouth,

your tongue tickles as we joust;

should i pull out?

wet breasts and chest shimmer with sweat

as we lay in bed

our heartbeat slows to rest as we cuddle, content.